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Outback with…Scissor Sisters’ Del Marquis

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Scissor Sisters’ album Night Work will forever be in my Top 10. Firstly it feels like a complete piece of work with the same themes running throughout. Secondly those themes are all about bumming! I remember Jake saying at time, that he was fed up that so many Mums were buying Scisor Sisters albums in supermarkets, so the band decided to go hardcore homosexual. It obviously alienated a lot of their fans but I loved that they didn’t give a shit and needed to produce this epic piece of pop music faggotry. Every track shocked me and made me want to head to The Eagle. I never thought they had it in them…so to speak. 

But after ten years the band have decided to have a break and pursue solo projects. First up is Del Marquis who has hooked up with Xavier to cover the Jermaine Jackson/DEVO duet ‘Let Me Tickle Your Fancy.’ You can watch the video below and download the free EP at

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What’s the story behind your name change? 
As far as stage names? Del is a nickname for Derek - in the UK, there are so many variations on a birth name; I could be Degsy, Deggars, Dez, Daz…Del. Marquis was down to the fact that I liked Dandyism at the time, so it was a suitable last name…pretentious.

What inspires you when you’re writing music? 
There are so many ways in; movies, a word, a loop. I’ve started songs from the top down; starting with lyrics, and the bottom up, built around a loop or sample. 

Are there plans for a solo album/tour? 
I’ve got a record under the name Slow Knights, which involves a rotating group of collaborators. After a decade of touring, I can say it’s something I never want to do again, but I’m planning a few shows in NY. 

Are you branching out into other media beyond music?
I’ve worked on videos with my collaborator Embryoroom, usually as a producer doing anything from set design, props & budgeting. I’m formally trained as a furniture designer, though I’m not sure I’d ever go back to be being a straight up & down designer… I like to incorporate the different skills I have.

What music are you listening to at the moment? 
Some newly added music on my Rdio playlist; Discodromo, Cos/Mes, Hot Toddy, George Fitzgerald, Larry Heard, Moullinex, Tim Hecker. Loved the last Usher record, Miguel…but the Tegan and Sara record trumps them all as far as pop music is concerned. 

Who tickles your fancy right now?
In terms of pleasure & disgust, any celebrity that has the misfortune to end up in the Daily Mail, I’m sustained by those ridiculous stories…even better is reading the comments - so vile!

What is your favourite Scissor Sisters track?
'Skin Tight.' I love that song…could be a Stevie Nicks song. Also a song titled 'Sadistic', which I don’t think got an official release…it’s the only Scissors song that sounds like my guitar playing without a filter.

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