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So this may not mean too much to people outside the UK, but back in the early 00’s, Lee Ryan was part of a big UK RnB boyband, Blue. Then they reformed last year and two nights ago he went into the Celebrity Big Brother House.
I interviewed Lee back in 2010 and have been meaning to write this up for ages, the Mariah story is too good to just sit in my files. But actually as I’ve been writing this up, the interview just keeps giving and giving. So here we go, in all his deluded glory, I present Lee Ryan….

Hi Lee, what’s new?
Well right now I’m sitting with you in the Mayfair Hotel having a cappuccino. I’ve had a few meetings about film stuff that I’m doing. I’ve just had some great news about a film i’ve written and am producing. A really amazing director is now attached but I can’t talk about it. I’m not playing around. I really want to make an impact on the film industry. I think I’ve already made an impact on the music industry with the 14m records Blue sold. I’m only 26 - I got in the industry when I was 16. People forget how young I was.

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My first experience of a gay bar was aged 11, passing the RVT on a Sunday afternoon. We used to drive past on the way home after spending the weekend at my Grandparents. I used to pretend not to look for fear of ‘outing’ myself.
It’s therefore another ‘self reflective inspirational’ moment for me, this Friday when I DJ at Oops!… PUSH THE BUTTON did it again at the RVT. I look at how much has happened in those….21 years, wow. 
For PTB I will be pulling out all the pop for our Britney special. In the mean time here is my set from Songs of Praise.


So you know in The Sound of Music when Maria sings about her favourite things and shiz? Well our version would be less about brown paper packages tied up with string and more about penii, girls in pop, and bright colours. So it’s pretty unsurprising that we’re big fans of Sina Sparrow's work. Read more of our interview with Sina after the jump and see the cartoon he did EXCLUSIVELY for us. It's titled FANTASY. Guess who it's off…….


We love your Homoverse range - particularly Ravanor (above). Who inspired them? He-Man?!
Yes, the Man-Gods of the Homoverse are partly inspired by He-Man, but actually even more than that by the great comics legend Jack Kirby and especially his series “The Eternals” and “The New Gods”.
It’s also just inspired by my general love of both mythology - especially Greek - and gay pornography, especially gay porn comics. The Man-Gods and especially Atash - the god of love - are going to be characters in an erotic, supernatural super-hero epic I am planning on writing and drawing. It’s very much in the planning stages at the moment.

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It’s common knowledge that if you want photos of sexy muscle boys then you go to Marco Ovando. He’s worked with Cazwell on the legendary Ice Cream Truck video, with David Mason Chlopecki on various Slick It Up shoots and even has his own troupe of sexy boys called, wait for it, the Marco Ovando boys!

We caught up with him to find out about the days when he brought Mariah MacNCheese, how he wants Rihanna to suck on his finger and how Carmen Electra very nearly turned him straight. NEARLY…..


How would you describe your style?
My style is more about capturing the moment, with a big sexual energy on them, I want people to be turned on when they see my photos. I like bright saturated colors and a lot of Black & White, it can be more mysterious.

Who has been your favourite model?
By far Carmen Electra, she has been such a crush since I was young, so having her pose for my lens was so surreal. It made me Str8..ish

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