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MySpace. First Number One single. Cheryl Tweedy. I interviewed Lily Allen a long time ago. But there are still some gems. It was one of my first interviews…or at least I hope it was, as I think i would have handled it a lot differently. But I still enjoy reading about 45 year-old strippers and Jade Jagger’s smug party. And also for the record Lily Allen has the BEST name for her fans. 

Hey Lily, we’ve seen you in the papers at a bunch of festivals over the last year. You been having a good time?
The first time I went to Glastonbury was when I was five weeks old, so I’m a dab hand. it’s a family thing.

Yeah, um,  you’re Dad always seems to be at Glastonbury with his knob out.
Yeah, it’s an Allen family tradition. I was thinking of doing it when I perform this summer. I did T4 On The Beach and that was fun. It was like my fifth gig ever and in front of 40,000 people, so I was really scared. I figured the only way to deal with it was to get very drunk. I ended up being very noisy and throwing drinks over some Hollyoaks people. Then my manager sent me home. I’d hardly call it a breakdown, that’s still to come. It’s all part of the masterplan. Number One single today; breakdown tomorrow.

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My first experience of a gay bar was aged 11, passing the RVT on a Sunday afternoon. We used to drive past on the way home after spending the weekend at my Grandparents. I used to pretend not to look for fear of ‘outing’ myself.
It’s therefore another ‘self reflective inspirational’ moment for me, this Friday when I DJ at Oops!… PUSH THE BUTTON did it again at the RVT. I look at how much has happened in those….21 years, wow. 
For PTB I will be pulling out all the pop for our Britney special. In the mean time here is my set from Songs of Praise.

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