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I love RuPaul. I still remember the first time I saw her in some magazine on the back of the school bus - I was taken aback. The blonde hair. Those legs. Those dresses??! All sickening, darling!
So, as with anyone I love, when it comes to interview them, I want it to be a piece I can be proud of. Plus, like anyone who has been in the game over 20 years - there’s a lot to ask! On top of that, we all know Ru has pretty much left her days of being a shady bitch behind her but that always makes for a good read so girl, I was nervous
But I needn’t have been. What Ru had to offer was so much more insightful, intelligent and inspiring than what I originally wanted. Ru even had some great for advice me, right when I needed it.
Sure there are things I would have asked in hindsight - due to publishing rights this interview was actually done in February so this season hadn’t started and I couldn’t ask about the current girls.
But anyway enough from me, SILENCE and enjoy.


Hello hello hello, how are you, Ru?
I’m good, thank you. And you?

I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been looking forward to talking to you.
I understand the nervous thing. I’ve been there and stuff but as an older gentleman it’s so funny for me to focus on that. It takes so much more to get that kind of thrill. The body, the ego, actually loves the feeling of that adrenaline. But obviously there’s nothing to get nervous about. Is the fear that I am going to hate you?

No, it’s just I have so many questions for you, I want to make sure this is the best interview EVER!
Well listen I am going to answer all those questions with this answer: 36, 24, 36 and yes they’re real.

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Peter Tatchell: His Hair Is Full Of Secrets

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Last weekend I had a cup of tea with another of my personal heroes, Peter Tatchell. The man has consistently fought, not just for LGBT rights, but for Human Rights in general for over 40 years. He is willing to go further than anyone else, even if it means being brutally beaten by Robert Mugabe’s bodyguards or having his flat smashed up in the process. 

Anyway I’ll have a full interview soon, where he talks about being a fan of Tinie Tempah, how he loves Chris Brown’s music and his thoughts on meeting Whitney in 1991. But for now let’s see what secrets he’s hiding, shall we?

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Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would you be? 
Well the Turtles weren’t really my thing. I wanted to be Illya Kuryakin from The Man from UNCLE. 

What’s your favourite Diana Ross lyric? 
I don’t really go for divas that much. I like Eva Cassidy’s ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’ More than Judy Garland’s? Oh yeah. Much more. It offers solace and hope to everyone that has ever been downtrodden that a better future is yet to come. 

It’s our first date. Where are we going? 
To The British Museum to sort the brain boxes from the airheads.

Which group were you in at school?
I was in them all! I was the most popular boy in school. By a combined vote of all male pupils, I was elected School Captain in 1968. Did I get a crown? No, I got a badge. 

Who is your favourite supermodel?
I’m not really into supermodels. 

What is the most expensive item of clothing in your wardrobe? 
Probably this Kenneth Cole jacket that I bought in Macy’s in New York a couple of years ago for £25. That is literally the most expensive thing I have bought. I buy everything in the sales or East Street Market - that well known fashion emporium. 

Would you sleep with Jack Donaghy in 30 Rock?
No. I met Alec Baldwin personally once. I went on a speaking tour with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to the United States in 1997 doing a big fundraiser at Universal Studios in Los Angeles where I met Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. I was photographed with them but the photographer lost the the reel! They were both really nice people. He was handsome but I was more struck by Kim Basinger. In real life she was even more beautiful than on screen. 

Can you tell me a secret? 
I don’t have many secrets, I’m not very good at keeping them. Well, my favourite personal possession is a small locket with a photo of my great grandfather who emigrated from London to Melbourne in the 1850s. He had a very hard tough life and was a battler until the end. 

What song would like to hear again for the first time? 
The Diana Ross medley ‘Someday We’ll All Be Free/We Shall Overcome’ from the Budapest concert. It summarises the idealism and aspirations of my Human Rights work over the last four plus decades.

Adrian+Shane: Their Hair Is Full Of Secrets

What’s sexier than one hot, scruffy, hipster bear cub? Two hot, scruffy, hipster bear cubs. Who are in a relationship together. And did we mention they’re Irish?!

Yes, Adrian+Shane have been taking artsy photos of their life together since 1998 of which you can see more of at the below links

Now let’s see what secrets they’ve picked up over the years.


Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle did you want to be?
Adrian: I was never a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I wouldn’t like to live in the sewers.
Shane: I didn’t really watch the TMNT but I did want to be He-Man, mainly for the harness and boots … and he rode a big cat.

What’s your favourite Diana Ross lyric?
Adrian: “Every time you touch me, I become a hero” from ‘When You Tell Me That You Love Me’. I was a teenager when this came out. One night, I got very drunk at a teenage disco and was dancing to this song on top of a table, grabbing my crotch, when suddenly a bouncer shone a flashlight in my face and next thing I knew I was getting my coat. It was the first and only time I’ve ever been chucked out of a club. The shame of it all.
Shane: “I’m in the middle of a chain reaction, You give me all the after midnight action.” Probably because I was an innocent 9 year old gay child singing about having sex …

It’s our first date. Where are we going?
Adrian: Yikes. Let’s go to Tokyo and visit a cat cafe. We can drink coffee and fondle pussy. So much fun. And Tokyo is the coolest city in the world.
Shane: It’s you, me and Anna Wintour in the front row of Tom Fords new A/W 2013 collection and we’re eating pot noodle … and Anna’s just dropped some acid in hers cos’ you know she’s mad like that … and then Tom comes out to take a bow and he spots me and asks me to leave with him … and I go … Thats an amazing first date … you’ll be talking about that for years … You’re welcome.

Which group were you in at High School?  
Adrian: I hated sports so I definitely wasn’t a jock. I hated school. I spent most of the time daydreaming and fantasising about being anywhere else.
Shane: Probably girls who eat their feelings. I loved carbs … mashed potato in white bread sandwiches … for real.

If you got arrested for stalking anyone who would it most likely be?
Adrian: Maybe Geri Halliwell. Anytime I’ve seen her I make a show of myself…
Shane: I’m far too lazy to stalk but I’d probably stalk Tom Ford…and let him do anything to me…ANYTHING TOM!!!!

Who is your favourite supermodel?
Adrian: There’s something about Linda Evangelista. I loved her in the Isaac Mizrahi documentary “Unzipped”. She seems like such a spoilt bitch. Funny though.
Shane: Naomi Campbell, “babywoman”, Love and Tears, throwing mobiles at servants … she has got it all quite frankly.

What is the most expensive item of clothing in your wardrobe?
Adrian: Mmmmmm, I’m not really into spending loads of money on clothes. Having said that, I recently splashed out on a Karl Lagerfeld jumper/sweater.
Shane: A pair of Puma Black Label boots by Mihara Yasuhiro.

Which song do you wish you could hear again for the first time?
Adrian: ‘Hung Up’ by Madonna is such a great track. It just blew me away when it first came out. Amazing on so many levels.
Shane: ‘Scream and Shout’ by Will.I.AM and Britney … just for the shock value of Britney’s accent. We have started a petition for her to do an entire album of her singing in different accents, it would be so amazing.

Would you sleep with Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock (Alec Baldwin)?
Adrian: Erm, no. Maybe if he was 30 years younger.
Shane: Yes, he’s incredibly charming, beautiful eyes, funny … and hairy.

Finally, tell us a secret…
Adrian: I’ve never been inappropriately touched by a catholic priest.
Shane: I once peed at a urinal next to Will Young at Horse Meat Disco and I didn’t look … I’m a gentleman … a stupid, stupid gentleman.


Outback with…Larry Tee.

Larry Tee. Where to start? Before I wrote this piece I thought I knew him and he sounded interesting. Then I began to read up on him and found myself thinking ‘Oh my God, there is so much history here, gurl you better do your homework!’   

Along with RuPaul and Lady Bunny, he helped inspire ‘To Wong Fu’, he co-wrote ‘Supermodel’ for RuPaul, he hung out with Michael Alig and the Club Kids during the Disco 2000 days (as seen in ‘Party Monster’), kicked both drugs and booze and then coined the term ‘electroclash’ before setting up one of East London’s most fabulous club nights, Super Electric Party Machine, and releasing the recent track ‘Charlie’, with the video being voted one of 2012’s best by both The Telegraph and The Huffington Post.


You’ve been a DJ for a long time. How have you stayed relevant?
Well, I’m lucky that I’ve been able to keep changing my style of music. When I played in Atlanta in my youth, it was all about New Wave. When I played the Roxy in New York, it was the peak of House, and then launching the electroclash festival opened the door for Indie Dance as we know it now.
But I was a drug addict during the Disco 2000 days and when I got clean in 1997, it allowed me to re-examine everything. It was the best thing for me because I realised I could never just play one genre, like 90s house, solely because there was money to be made. 

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