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Outback with…Mary J Blige

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Mary J Blige.
Does she need an introduction? One of RnB’s biggest survivors. She has been through a drug addiction, an abusive relationship, been written off by her label - and yet here she is back with the best selling RnB album of 2012 and a starring role in the Rock of Ages movie. Just don’t mention KFC… 


Is it painful listening to your old albums?
It’s hard listening to the My Life album. It always make me want to cry. I could not believe I was being treated so badly, that I was treating myself so badly and that I was allowing myself to be treated so badly. I did a lot of drugs. I did a lot of things - not just weed - but beyond that. At that point I was hooked. Was it easier to write back then? I would say it was equal really, because wherever you are, if you’re just honest, it will come out easily. So it’s easy in heaven, easy in hell.
But I remember Aaliyah died on 25th August, then right after the World Trade Centre blew up. I was like ‘OK, am I next?’ That’s where I was at. I had an ulcer from drinking and I knew spiritually I couldn’t go on like that.
I blame it all on not being ready for the Music Industry. If you get all this fame before you’re ready, you can start getting ‘high on your own supply’ and begun to believe the hype. Artist Development should be a major part of every label. Too many people are ending up like Amy Winehouse, no one is preparing them for this.

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