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Coming Soon: Filth

I remember reading Filth back in, was it ‘95? It was around the time of BritPop anyway. It felt like Britain was having a ‘moment’. Notice I was careful to say Britain and not just England. No, thanks to Irvine Welsh (and I guess Travis to a degree - can you imagine?!) Scotland played a big part in Great Britain being hip again. Trainspotting blew up. It launched the careers of Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and more and cemented Danny Boyle’s status as One To Watch after he debuted with Shallow Grave. 

I was at boarding school when the book came out and I picked it up from the school bookshop one day after lunch. It took me a while to get into it because, well, I won’t ruin it, but the format of the book is weird and doesn’t make for an easy read. But once I did, I…I actually hated it. I hated the protagonist. But it was so compelling I had to keep reading more. A bit like American Psycho. You’re just kind of cringing the whole way through, sometimes have to skip bits because it all gets too much.

Then came the end and I was totally blindsided. Anyway suffice to say I loved the book. I’m not sure I would read it again - there are few books I can do that with. I also think that Filth worked for me at that age and that time in history. But now here, nearly 20 years later, we have the film.

How cool does the poster look? The trailer has that sense of dread about it too. I was worried about James McAvoy too but going by this trailer he looks like he’ll be perfect. The film just looks very wrong indeed which is exactly how it should be. Plus Jamie Bell is in it. Ah Jamie Bell.

Great Britain has been “cool” again for a while now thanks to One Direction and The Wanted, but now with Filth, we can get rid of those speech marks and make it official.

Outback with…Olly Murs

I’m still out on Olly Murs. Like, he was really lovely when we spoke, I’m pleased for him that he’s doing well and with his third album he finally seems to have found his footing. But that whole cheeky chappy thing he has been landed with is a little nauseating. And I loathe the hat. Maybe it’s just the London cynic in me, I’m aware it’s there - I need to go detox in San Francisco again.  

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So, Olly, how is everything going in America?
Yeah, great. It’s really weird because in the UK you do the promo, then release a single and it enters high up the chart. In the US it’s available straight away, you start from scratch, go to radio and it gradually builds up the charts. ‘Troublemaker’ has just broken into the US iTunes Top 30 which I’m really pleased about. Apparently it’s in the Shazam Top 10 or something. It’s really kicking off. The label are predicting big things so we’ll just see what happens.

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One Direction

It’s official our obsession with One Direction has gone from Zero to Creepy in less than 24 hours. 

We never really got it, but after seeing their new video five(!) times today, we are now in full blown stalker mode. 

Exhibit A - we just bought We Love Pop so we can dress Niall in, one of our favourite fetishes, Dungarees. Yum.


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