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QBoy: His Hair Is Full Of Secrets

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It finally seems like the Queer Hip Hop scene has had enough of keeping things on the downlow. We’ve recently seen Mykki Blanco, Nicky Da B and Zebra Katz hit the headlines while our friends Big Dipper, AB Soto and Rica Shay continue to tour sell-out venues across the US. (When are you heading this way, guys?)

QBoy was the UK’s first openly-out MC and has been making music since 2001. He was also a founder of the genre ‘homo hop.’ He released his debut LP, Moxie, in 2009, and a Remix Edition in 2011. Right now he’s fronting two London club nights. There’s PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH, 80s/90s RnB/Hip Hop and also GULLY, Hardcore Rap - both happening next week. QBoy also tells us he’s working on something special with Larry T. Let’s see what else he has to say…

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Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle did you want to be?
Turtles were not my era. I wanted to be He-Man…or She-Ra…or her winged unicorn Swift Wind…but mostly Cheetara from Thundercats     ;-)

What’s your favourite Tina Turner lyric?
"A church house, gin house, School house outhouse, On highway number nineteen, The people keep the city clean" because as someone said to me once, you can never be stuck on what to write a song about, just look at Nut Bush City Limits. It’s a song about a place with simple lyrics explaining it’s contents…and it became a hit song.

It’s our first date. Where are we going?
Date? Oh, I’m far too efficient for dates. We staying at home and getting to the point.

Which group were you in at High School?
I guess you didn’t see the Channel 4 documentary I did about being bullied at school - I was in a group all on my own (wha wha wha)

If you got arrested for stalking anyone who would it most likely be?
I never get caught stalking. Far too deft on my feet. Oh by the way, I got those naked Bieber shots you asked for.

Who is your favourite supermodel?
Beth Ditto - she’s unique.

What is the most expensive item of clothing in your wardrobe?
My trainers. Some kind of multi-coloured Nike affair.

Which song do you wish you could hear again for the first time?
The intro to Lil’ Kim’s debut HARD CORE album. The first time around, being so young and used to more commercial pop rap, it was quite shocking and I almost took the CD back to the shop! Of course, I didn’t, it stayed in the CD player for months. Deep inside I love a slut.

Would you sleep with Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock?

Finally, tell us a secret…
It wouldn’t be a secret then would it?

Big Dipper: His Hair Is Full Of Secrets

We featured Big Dipper's EP earlier this week and it's available to download free right over…here. It features our jam from the Summer - ‘Summertime Realness’ (feat. Rica-Shay below) as well as the filthy new single ‘Meat Quotient’ and more. Now let’s get under that cap…

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Who is your favourite mean girl?

I like the dumb one….cause she turns out to be smart…right?

Favourite 90s pin up?
You mean like porn? Or like Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Because he was the shit in the 90s. Or Kevin from The Backstreet Boys. 


What would you wear at your funeral?
Sneakers. Definitely sneakers….until I got cremated.

What’s your favourite scary movie?
I’m legitimately scared of scary movies. Like, I can’t even….so NONE. I prefer a light rom com.

What would your drag alter-ego be like?
Haven’t you met her? Nebraska Jones…and she’s got great hairy legs.

Who belongs in the Burn Book?
You love that movie, don’t you…? That shit is cruel. I like to keep it happy and friendly. No burn book…but lots of SHADE - but only when it’s earned. 

What album turns the sidewalk into a catwalk?
Iggy Azalea - Trap Gold. Not necessarily a catwalk, but definitely the back room of strip club. 

Where do you sit in the movie theater?
The middle, with the reclining seats….and my hand on the thigh of the man next to me.

It’s our first date - where are we going?
Wherever you wanna take me….like you can pick me up, drive me there, and pay for me….other than that, I’m flexible.

What is the best tweet you have ever received?
I dunno. My twitter friends are fun…don’t have a best…maybe that’ll will change. follow me @BigDipperJelly :)

What is in your right pocket right now?
12 bucks, chapstick, some quarters, and a condom. 

And finally, tell us a secret…
I love to tell the truth. 

Outback with…Rica Shay

Rikki Crowley, aka Rica Shay, is part of the queer hip hop movement that’s currently taking over the US along with AB Soto, Sissy Nobby, Zebra Katz and of course, “Beyonce’s BFF”, Cazwell.
Although Rica Shay is fashionably late to the party, he’s made a big splash with his summer hit ‘Summer Realness’ alongside Big Dipper and there’s lots more to come….

What’s ‘Summertime Realness’ about?
I was thinking of past summers spent wrangling friends together for bbq’s and days at the beach. Short shorts, subway stations that feel like the inside of an oven, meeting sexy tourists and cutting all my t-shirts into tank tops…

Did you style the video? 
I was the head stylist but I had a lot of help from the cast. I was lucky to have such a stylish group of kids to work with. Shay, one of the drag queens in the video, and Big Dipper were a lot of help…

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