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So this may be a new feature. It may not. It depends how many people I can get on board. But this time Francois was good enough to be our first volunteer with questions from some of my favourite people - Pavel Petel, Slick It Up’s David Mason Chlopecki, Rogan Richards, Adrian+Shane and Nik Pate

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Pavel Petel

I rescue myself from depression by cycling around the city. How do you deal with bad moods?
You know in my private life I am someone who likes to do nothing and be bored sometimes, it can be good to think too much. 
I have my cat to help me too. Oh la la it’s a deep question… 
Happiness is not a constant feeling. Happiness is really rare. I mean I am not someone who is naturally happy. But it doesn’t mean I am depressed all the time. I am not self-destructing also. Depression is something really serious, it is something you have to fix.
I am not in love so I have no fear of being depressed. Being in love is a big issue. Yeah. I don’t have that problem. I am not obsessed with someone so I have less chance of being depressed right now.

Do you fall in love easily?
No, but that’s a problem maybe…

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Find out what Slick It Up’s David Mason Chlopecki, Rogan Richards, Adrian+Shane and Nik Pate all wanted to know after the jump!



Francois, we love it when you dress up in sequins and wigs etc., and that you’re not afraid to show your feminine side. You always seem so self assured and confident with your body, when was the last time you were embarrassed and what caused it?
I did a show as a woman in Paris at the party Club Sandwich and the outfit was not really inappropriate because…I don’t want to disappoint people but I was not happy with the makeup. He did very draggy makeup, very heavy with eyebrows like Spock. I have this harsh face already with this strong nose so he was…I didn’t have a sweet face, I had a strong and mean face. The wig also was really bad because I didn’t have my own wig and someone gave me one and my forehead was not really in a good shape.
Yeah. The dress was fine but the corset didn’t really work and I had a lot of issues taking the corset off on stage. So I felt a bit bad. I felt like a joke so that was the only time. Most of the time I am not afraid of that. It doesn’t mean I am feminine if I wear that either. It doesn’t mean anything if you show yourself this way. It shows that maybe you are more open-minded with genders. Because so many guys are afraid of that. Even gay guys are afraid of their femininity. I mean you have to cool down with this. It’s fine. It’s not because you do it a few times that you want to be a woman. I remember wanting to be a woman when I was a child actually. I prefer to be a man now.

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Nik Pate

LA Zombie by Bruce LaBruce is one of my favourite projects that you have worked on. What is your all-time favourite horror movie?
Er…it’s a wide questions again. Fantasy movie or horror? Horror. Well I was really shocked when I was really young because I was smart enough to put the VHS in the machine. Evil Dead. The first one. It’s a very strong movie. I watched it again a few years ago and I was still impressed. And I saw the remake also. I loved the remake actually. Did it scare me as a child? A lot, yes. You should see it. When the girl is possessed and they put her under the house or something. In a cave with a trap or something like that.


Rogan Richards

Have you ever bought a song by Dannii Minogue?
Oh yes, I used to have the one by Dannii Minogue ‘And Iiiiiiiii Begin To Wonder.’ I loved the video. I’m very gay you see.

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Slick It Up’s David Mason Chlopecki

I know everything about her. She’s a retarded dwarf.
Haha…Oh, she thinks she’s fierce with her stupid brand. She thinks she is going to do fashion but she is just doing fetish for seedy old queens…

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