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Chase Hostler: His Hair Is Full Of Secrets

Chase Hostler is a man of many talents. He’s Creative Director for various events across New York’s clubbing scene (including his own night Beat Me Up), Art Dept Director for one of the city’s top fashion agencies and then somehow finds time to model on the side for companies like The Back Building favourite, Slick It Up.
So we’re lucky he had time to sit down and tell us how there’s an inner fat girl just dying to bust out of that pink cobra thong and Jeremy Scott kicks. 

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Who is your favourite mean girl?

Lindsay because she took the roll OFF screen. 

Who is your favourite 90s pin up?
Anna Nicole all the way.

What would you wear at your funeral?
The loudest, brightest thing possible….it’s a joyful day, I’ll be going to turn it out somewhere better.

What’s your favourite scary movie?
I don’t like scary movies at all! I’ll leave the room when they come on…I just end up yelling at the screen and hopping around in my seat.

What would your drag alter-ego be called?
Dirty Princess………let your mind run wild with that. 

Who belongs in The Burn Book?
I’m not The Burn Book carrying type.


What album turns the sidewalk into a catwalk?
Screw albums. I’m all about Podcasts and there are several DJs that get my feet going - Derek Monteiro, Kidd Madonny, Tom Stephan, Brian Serving Ovahness…..and sooo many more I couldn’t list them all.

Where do you sit at the cinema?
Wherever my man wants to sit.

What is the best tweet you have ever received?
Can you believe I just started a Twitter the other week and I still don’t really know how to use it - @chasingnewyork

What is in your right pocket right now?
A hole.

It’s our first date. Where are we going?
To the park.

And finally, tell us a secret…
I’m a fat girl inside….I eat anything and everything….but somehow manage to stay in shape.


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