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Outback with…The Maverick Men

The Maverick Men (Cole, left, Hunter, right) are the porn legends of the 21st Century. They originally filmed their sexual escapades and posted them on XTube. But the clips soon became so popular that XTube was in danger of having to change its name to Cole and Hunter’s Home Videos(!)
For the last few years the guys have been listening to requests from their fans and have been travelling the world fucking each and every one of them….well the hot ones anyway. 
We find out what’s been the highlight so far, what’s to come and all about those Chris Crocker video sessions lost at the bottom of the lake. Or are they????

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Hello Maverick Men! You guys have been together over 10 years now! Do you reckon you’ll get married?

Hunter: Well, he hasn’t asked yet!?! (Just kidding)
COLE: Wow these are some good questions ;0) Ummm 13 years. Sure we would get hitched legally, no reason why we haven’t, we just haven’t felt the need, but we would. Umm…the ceremony would either be BIG and crazy or small and romantic but we are pretty much married as it is so we are in no rush :)

You guys must have covered most things sexually between you. Is there anything you want to try out next?
COLE: I think we are exploring the intimacies between us. All things emotional at this point are exciting. We know EXACTLY how to make each other cum like no other. The sex has always been great between us, the thing we love most is the emotional connection.
We are pretty gross when it comes to cuddling and squishing in bed. We can make each other hard just by hearing the other say ‘I love you’ - GROSS I know. Lol. But it’s true, we hate to be apart. We still got it bad for each other.


Do you want to go beyond porn and move into another industry?
COLE: Hunter has been tossing around the idea of becoming a personal trainer, he is pretty amazing at keeping in shape. Personally I think he should just teach squats. lol. I would like to continue to film, porn and non porn, I just love images/movies. I need visuals in my life, but creating a studio at home to work in is definitely on the list.
Hunter: Cole’s always had a passion for film, he loves sci-fi and horror, I hope some day he gets to make one of those flicks. He’s always sharing brilliant story ideas with me.

What’s been the highlight of your time as Maverick Men?
Hunter: For me, a highlight has been meeting all the fans. I’m a bit of an introvert and I would never have as many friends as I do if it weren’t for porn.
COLE: I disagree. Hunter is VERY likeable and when he warms up, not at all as introverted as he believes. He has come a long way from the quiet Mormon country boy I first met many moons ago lol. He gives off a warmth that makes everyone feel comfortable around him. As for me, my highlight has been discovering that I enjoy helping guys discover not only who they are sexually but also to come to terms with guilt free hot fun gay sex.

I saw you have been answering fans’ problems. Have you had any embarrassing moments during sex?
Hunter: We shot a video with Chris Crocker last summer. We spent a few days at the home of one of the owners of ManHunt, our business partner. It’s a really beautiful place with a private lake. We shot a ton of footage of us all fooling around, having fun and then we dropped the camera in the lake! I wonder if that missing video chip is at the bottom of the lake still?
COLE: My most embarrassing moment was actually for someone else. Hunter and I were hired to direct a video for another company. We were on this shoot with several porn actors, one of whom was a very well known porn star that shall remain nameless. He is rumored to have pretty big ass implants and you know how gays can get to gossiping on set. lol At one point I was sitting with Hunter and the ‘ass implant’ guy, when one of the guys on the shoot sat down and whispered loudly ‘SOOO where is this guy with the ass implants?’
I almost died. Hunter’s jaw just dropped. The guy on set just said ‘WHAT’S WRONG?’
That’s when it dawned on him that the guy in question was looking right at him. Suddenly my diplomatic English heritage kicked in and I said ‘TEA, anyone?’ Lol It was pretty awkward and hilarious at the same time. Just for the record, I inspected the ass in question and found NO implants, it’s just a different group of muscles that formed what I think is a very nice ass. :0)


Will you ever film with famous porn stars or do you always want to keep it boys-next-door?
Hunter: We’re documenting our real sex life. The majority of guys in our videos are fans that have contacted us. Occasionally we meet guys in the business that we connect with and decide to shoot with. But we just aren’t interested in looking through a book of models and hiring a few to have sex. It’s always seeemed very fake to us.
COLE: Yup, we do prefer our fans, that said as long as the guy is into the sex and not just being a “MODEL” or “ACTING” then anything is possible. If we can tap into a real sexual/lust chemistry then I think we would welcome all cummers lol

You coming to Europe at all?
Hunter: We spent a few months traveling all over Europe last summer. We loved every second of it. We plan to get back to the UK this summer and I’m hoping that Cole will finally take me to South America so we can meet all our sexy fans down there.
COLE: I want to spend more time at home in the USA. We are close with our families and we are starting to miss out on my nephews and nieces growing up. We don’t want to miss out on too much of that but more European travel is def in the cards.

When can we expect your second book?
COLE: Honestly as of now I am so swamped with video edits and blog posts and all things that I think I need to put it on the back burner. I don’t want to rush that book, I want it done right. But I will tell ya this it will be a hum dinger when its done! Lol…


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