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Big Dipper: His Hair Is Full Of Secrets

We featured Big Dipper's EP earlier this week and it's available to download free right over…here. It features our jam from the Summer - ‘Summertime Realness’ (feat. Rica-Shay below) as well as the filthy new single ‘Meat Quotient’ and more. Now let’s get under that cap…

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Who is your favourite mean girl?

I like the dumb one….cause she turns out to be smart…right?

Favourite 90s pin up?
You mean like porn? Or like Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Because he was the shit in the 90s. Or Kevin from The Backstreet Boys. 


What would you wear at your funeral?
Sneakers. Definitely sneakers….until I got cremated.

What’s your favourite scary movie?
I’m legitimately scared of scary movies. Like, I can’t even….so NONE. I prefer a light rom com.

What would your drag alter-ego be like?
Haven’t you met her? Nebraska Jones…and she’s got great hairy legs.

Who belongs in the Burn Book?
You love that movie, don’t you…? That shit is cruel. I like to keep it happy and friendly. No burn book…but lots of SHADE - but only when it’s earned. 

What album turns the sidewalk into a catwalk?
Iggy Azalea - Trap Gold. Not necessarily a catwalk, but definitely the back room of strip club. 

Where do you sit in the movie theater?
The middle, with the reclining seats….and my hand on the thigh of the man next to me.

It’s our first date - where are we going?
Wherever you wanna take me….like you can pick me up, drive me there, and pay for me….other than that, I’m flexible.

What is the best tweet you have ever received?
I dunno. My twitter friends are fun…don’t have a best…maybe that’ll will change. follow me @BigDipperJelly :)

What is in your right pocket right now?
12 bucks, chapstick, some quarters, and a condom. 

And finally, tell us a secret…
I love to tell the truth. 

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