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Sister Roma: Her hair is full of secrets…

Part of the legendary Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Roma not only raises issues of gay awareness but she’s also art director for porn stable Hot House Entertainment. Naturally we wanted to know what is wrapped up under that habit and those feathers…are you ready?      

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Who is your favourite mean girl?

I have two. First is Karen on Will & Grace because that bitch just didn’t care. She said it and it was funny because it was true. The second is Dame Maggie Smith. Have you seen her throw daggers on Downtown Abbey? Truly fierce.


Favourite 90s pin up and why?
Markie Mark. Why? Abs. Crotch. Sex. Plus he saw me in NY at a club then came to SF to perform and called me out in the crowd.

What would you wear at your funeral?
I’d come dressed all in black, in a full-length gown with black angel wings and I’d wear a dramatic black rhinestoned veil that went all the way to the floor. Of course I’d have to carried out on a stretcher like Cleopatra because I’d be so devastated.


What’s your favourite scary movie?
The Exorcist. Hands down the scariest movie of all time because it could happen.

What would your drag alter-ego be called?
My drag alter-ego is named Nina Williams, after my favorite Tekken character (plus my last name is Williams). She’s blonde and gorgeous and looks a lot like Kim Zolciak. She’s sexy!

Who belongs in the Burn Book?
I’d put Taylor Swift in the Burn Book. You know that saccharine-sweet personality is all an ACT. I’m sure she’s a ruthless, hateful bitch. Why do you think she can’t keep a boyfriend? I’m sure she’s a CUNT.


When listening to your iPod, what song turns the sidewalk into a catwalk?
OMG have you seen me walking to work in the morning? I put on SHOWS because nearly everything on my iPod makes me crazy. Two songs that wear me out are “Like Me” by Girlicious and “Good Luck” by Baasement Jaxx.

Where do you sit at the cinema?
Depends on what kind of “cinema” we’re talking about. If it’s a PG- or R-rated mainstream movie obviously I try to sit dead center. If it’s an adult movie I always sit in the back so I can give head.

What is the best tweet you have ever received?
It was a Tweet from Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy) telling me that my friends and I were invited to the clubhouse for Whatch What Happens Live in New York - but it was even better because he sent a DM telling me that I was going to be the guest bartender ON THE SHOW. It was awesome! However, I’m always looking for the next best Tweet @SisterRoma!

What is in your right pocket right now?
Change from my morning coffee: $3.50

It’s our first date. Where are we going?
To the bathroom at The Mix - don’t you remember?

And finally, tell us a secret…
I think I just did. 

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