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Chloe Sevigny: Her hair is full of secrets…

Good evening America, I was going to wait to post this, but Goddamit it’s too good and I got excited. Here’s what’s inside Chloe Sevigny aka Drew Droege’s meticulous weave….

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Who is your favourite mean girl? 
I’ve always fancied Norma from the chiller classique, “Carrie”. She invented the ballcap for women. Thank you, PJ Soles. 

Favourite 90s pin up?
In the 90s, I had a trembling curried fig stapled to my wall. It was removed to celebrate Y2K.

What would you wear at your funeral?
A blouse made of glass, a smart pant with a side-zip, and skull coverage by Vivienne Westwood Gold Label.

What’s your favourite scary movie?
Quigley Down Under. It shatters me. 

What would your drag alter-ego be called and what would they be like?
Jean Smart. I believe that answers both queries. 

Who belongs in the Burn Book?
Webster Popodopoulis. It’s high-time someone said it. 

When listening to your iPod, what album turns the sidewalk into a catwalk?
I’ve yet to find that application. 

Where do you sit in the movie theater?
I find a carpetspace on a retaining wall, rest my calves against it, close my eyes, and digest cinema. 

It’s our first date - where are we going?
A mid-dawn rat-birthing, followed by an imagined meal of seed, sponsored by Gerber, Fontainebleu, and King Don’s. 

What is the best tweet you have ever received?
I was riding a cargo-train through Estonia, when I was tweeted by Angie Harmon. The message was that of a simple parallelogram. I felt true. 

What is in your right pocket right now?
I’m currently nude. 

And finally, tell us a secret…
Nothing happens on Wednesdays.

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