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Francois Sagat: His hair is full of secrets…

A new feature here at The Back Building and who better to start it with than our #1 obsession Francois Sagat….

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Who is your favourite mean girl?
You’re asking me who’s my favorite between Amanda Seyfried , Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert ?? None of them .
My answer is Lohan , because She’s an Evil who’s playing the victim .Is that a good answer ??lol,she’s the damned, big time .

Favourite 90s pin up?
Anna Nicole Smith represents the essence of the 90’s, too beautiful, too round,too sensitive , too fragile and unexpectable …and one of the most misunderstood person until she lived .

What would you wear at your funeral?
A complete spandex “slickitup” bodysuit …that would fit perfect in the flames during the “big fire” .

What’s your favourite scary movie?
My favorite scary movie is the Blob 1988 , because it’s so much better than the older ones …but it’s a movie you can re-do over and over , I’m looking forward the post 2012 version …special effects in 1988 were already very pleasant …it’s ” growing, growing , growing” .

What would your drag alter-ego be called?
Maybe something like SAGATAH ??? She would never wear black , only colors, pastels and will always stay BLONDE and Pale …and she hates PLATFORMS. only classical highheels.She’s thinks Leopard Print is timeless , and she had no tolerance for fake black haircolors .

Who would you put in the Burn Book?
You always have “burn book thoughts” on everyone, even your closest friends …I don’t talk shit on people in public even If I can’t stand them !!! Ok maybe …Kim Kardashian .

What album turns the sidewalk into a catwalk?
I never listen to whole albums ,because it’s always boring to listen to the same artist during 12 tracks, I hate it !!!! few tracks : ” Nero , Must be the Feeling, Funkagenda remix” , “Walk 4 me , Peter Presta Apple Jaxx Mix”,”Britney Spears, Scary ,Nick Harvey Mix” …

Where do you sit at the cinema?
Front, front , front , definitely FRONT !!!!first row , no one wants to be in the first row , they have bad eyes…..and my feet are free , I get all the Horizon i want …

It’s our first date - where are we going?
Le Salon International de l’agriculture.  
I ‘ve been there 3 times before. it’s absolutely amazing, you can test wines, fruits, meat …see beautiful amazing beats from the farm …last time I went there, I saw Sigourney Weaver . it’s ideal for a first date …you can also smell shits of cows …very fresh

What is the best tweet you have ever received?
I would say , this ?? : “What’s with @SagatFrancois' hair? Or should I say head? It looks like he is ashamed he's going bald that he tattooed his hairs line back on.” he 's actually kinda of right …I don't know who that person is , but people think they might “THINK” at your place …alright .
Twitter is really like a street corner , you don’t know what kind of douchebags to expect to interact with …but they’re waiting for you in the corner at one point .

What is in your right pocket right now?
right now ??? nothing, it’s empty , my joggerpant’s right pocket is empty .

And finally, tell us a secret…
I am not crazy . 

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