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Jon Naughtin to his brother, Jim aka Erik Rhodes

"I threw back the curtain and there you were. Three doctors seemed to be cleaning up from what appeared to be an intense struggle. But it was over. You laid there unresponsive… I called your name but you just laid there, your massive body, naked and a patchy grey. I reached for your hand in hopes a tight grip would be returned, but it too was cold and limp. I wanted to desperately hug you and shake you until you woke up but you were covered in blood.  Instead I stood by your bedside and stared into your face that remained emotionless to my presence. Your eyes looked back at me, but they were dark and that’s when I really knew you were not waking up. You were gone. You left me, the biggest piece of me died there with you.

I drive myself crazy wondering if I had made it there sooner while you were still fighting for life if you would have remembered me as you started to give up. You would have realized that you had a twin brother that you meant the world to and loves you unconditionally. Maybe you would have fought harder if you knew how much I need you. That image is burned into my mind. It’s all I see when I close my eyes. And I hate that I have to remember you that way I just hope that you knew I was there. The person you entered into this world with was with you when you left it.”



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