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Outback with…AB Soto

AB Soto wants to bring colours, class and cuntpower to music. The word ‘banjee’ may have been tossed around before but it’s taken AB to dress it up in some homemade threads and make it his bitch. He’s just released his mix tape FAG OUT Vol 1 - available as a free download here and is currently touring the world, having just played East Bloc, Bootylicious and Dalston Superstore in London.

The new video for ‘THAT’S FASHiONZ’ drops 13th September.


How would you explain ‘banjee realness’?
BANJEE is a vibe. BANJEE is a strong & independent street attitude. REALNESS is about being the real deal. 

How did the character AB Soto come about?
AB Soto is not a character. My performances are all a part of who I am: BUTCH. QUEEN. FAG. CUNT. DiRTY. ARTiST. DANCER.

What will people experience on Fag Out Vol 1?
FAG OUT is about embracing our true self. It’s about giving yourself permission to be a FAG regardless of what people say. I grew up dancing in my living room any chance I could. I would literally FAG OUT to any music video on tv. This is one of my happiest childhood memories. FAG OUT Vol.1 will make everyone dance. I want the entire world to know that it is ok to- FAG OUT! 

How was your recent trip to London? 
London was a blast! The energy was amazing. I felt right at home. I met so many creative people and partied with friends. Our performances at East Bloc, Bootylicious & Dalton Superstore were so much fun.

Which artists have and continue to inspire you in both music and style?
I’m inspired by art first. I’m also inspired by creative people with a specific point of view. I love combining art with music. I’m also inspired by avant garde street fashion.


I saw you and Sia tweeting recently - any collaborations with her or other artists in the pipeline?
I met Sia in LA at an Outfest After Party. She loved my performance that night. We continue to stay in touch. I’m open to collaborating with other recording artists. I’ll keep it a secret for now.


Is there an ultimate goal?
My ultimate goal is to INSPiRE & CHANGE gay culture forever. 

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