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Outback with…Pavel Petel

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When I set up this blog I had a shortlist of people I wanted to interview. Pavel Petel was in my Top #3.

You may know Pavel as the guy from D Listed pushing a shopping trolley round a car park with purple pig tails, or as one half of the Naked DJs, or from modelling Slick It Up, or from his modelling shots on Tumblr where he poses naked round Russia. (Putin didn’t object to that now, did he?)
Anyway I emailed over some questions, his manager translated them into Russian, Pavel answered, his manager translated them back into English, I corrected the grammer (just a little) and here we go…


How did you become a Naked DJ?
Well, I have a journalism degree but I was attracted to graphic design soon after. I worked as freelancer for a bit but started to DJ at the same time. Every time I DJed I transformed my set into being a real show. I dressed up provocatively, decorated the stage, hired naked go-go girls, etc.
Now it’s become the Naked DJs project, a show based on designer costumes, choreography, scenes of a sexual nature, video backdrops and lots of special effects. Our show is very popular in Russia - we perform at the best clubs all over the country….


What is your favourite outfit?

Probably just some loose cotton shorts and a t-shirt with cut-off sleeves. I actually prefer comfortable sporty menswear. Designer clothes are for when you want to catch people’s attention.

You seem to like the contrast between butch and feminine…
Yep! It’s a really cool contrast! You know Russian people love it, especially the girls. A big bearded, muscle man in high-high-high heels looks incredible, fun and very very sexual! LOL!


I saw some people tweet ‘You would be even hotter if you didn’t wear women’s clothes’. What do you think of that?
By the way I don’t normally wear women’s clothes! But if I didn’t wear them in fashion shoots no one would know me. Never. There are millions of beautiful guys in the world…Who knows their names?

When did you come out?
Who did I tell? When? Am I gay? LOL! I choose sex…In Russia I have big army of fans. All of them are girls, their moms and grannies! Would you like to tell them, that I’m gay? No, no, no! LOL…


How did you feel when Dlisted put the photo of you up for ‘Caption This’? 
I haven’t seen that contest. I only do my lovely things. I enjoy myself. When someone’s looking at my pictures, I’m already doing new ones. By the way I plan to do videos soon. Get ready!


What’s next for you?

Sure, I have a dream. My aim is open my mind to the MAX! I’d like to do something new in the world - to invent my own pop art. Would I do porn? Well, I don’t know any billionaire porn stars with world fame! If someone needs really wants to ask me, tell him to send a $$$$$$$ commercial offer to my manager. Hahaha!


Do you have any plans to travel outside of Russia?

I travel around the world as often as you travel around Russia. I love this country. Russia is a rich and strong country, the land of opportunity for each one and each talent. But…I would like to work with my friends in USA. I plan to move to NYC for my new professional horizons.


Are you going to release any Pavel Petel merchandise?
I released my merchandise in Russia - - there are a few tees with my portraits. I’d like to develop clothing with my name. Pavel Petel is a brand now…

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