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Outback with…Hilary Duff

Seeing as Hilary hasn’t really done much in the way of showbiz for um…well, for a long time, it’s pretty obvious this wasn’t a recent interview. Yep, this was all the way back in 2007.

I remember it pretty well though. Hilary was lovely. I kept wanting to ask if the rumours were true about her husband being gay. Or…wait, maybe that was Leann Rimes. Or maybe that was Leann Rimes and Hilary Duff. OK maybe I don’t remember the interview that well…

So Hilary you are playing G-A-Y?

It’s really exciting. I went to a gay club in the States, we danced all night and stayed out way too long. They did play one song I didn’t like, but it was still fun to dance to.


Oh, OK. Have you ever seen a Drag Queen do Duff?
No, but it would be great to see….

What would your record company think?
Well, a lot of people at Disney are gay!

What’s your new record Dignity like?
On my other records I said to the writers, ‘Write me a song about this,’ and this time I was like ‘I want to do it all. I want to do it all!’ There are so many records that are like, ‘Shake your ass blah blah blah’ but I didn’t think I could pull that sort of music off.

Are you taking control now?

I think they would have given me control before, but I didn’t want it because I was scared. I never knew how to write a song. I never thought of myself as a singer.

Do you know every product you’ve put your name to?

I do find it hard to keep up, but I’m very in control. I really do design my fragrance and care what it looks like. I will even go over how heavy the bottle is and what the packaging looks like.

How did you start out?

I lived in the country when I was really small, so I didn’t get to watch TV. I didn’t really grow up with any celebrity idols. I knew Sandy from Grease and thought she was pretty hot, but I didn’t get that she wasn’t a real person. So my sister and I got involved in school plays and acting. I’m really driven. I’m going to work hard to get what I want. Once I’d done my TV show I was like, ‘I have to do something else.’

Was it like a child beauty pageant?

It wasn’t a beauty pageant. We never did that. It was like modelling for bad department stores. But I loved it! Then when I saw my picture in the paper I was like, ‘Wow, that’s me!’

What was the worst outfit?

Oh, these little Sunday School outfits. I thought they were really cool at the time. Then my sister and I found the photos like ten years later and we were like, ‘Wow, these were hideous!’

Do you ever feel a little trapped by your Disney audience?

For a while I did, but then you’re like, ‘Well, I’ve got to do things that make me happy. I have to challenge myself.’ But also, I’m not going to act crazy. I think it looks stupid when people turn 19 and then do everything they can to ‘get out of it’. It looks like you’re not mature at all.

Are we talking about Lindsay Lohan here?

I’m not pecking her. I think it’s been everybody.

You’re the only one who seems to have not gone off the deep end.

I know! At first it was like, ‘Well, she’s this good girl, she’s perfect.’ I don’t understand why it was looked down upon that I didn’t do things like that. I’m healthy!

There was a rumour you were addicted to painkillers.

I’ve heard rumours that I’m out at a club and doing stuff, and some of them might be true and some of them might not. But I’ve never heard that I’m addicted to painkillers. It’s kind of funny though.

Do you get papped a lot?

I do. It’s funny because it seems in LA everyone is trying to top each other, like, ‘What can I do that is even crazier?’ Like Britney? Well, all of them. I like these people, but I don’t do stuff like this because I like to keep my personal life separate. Some people take photos of me going into a club, but normally I like to go in the back. I feel it’s avoidable if you want it to be.

Do you drink when you go out?

Yeah, but I’m not the type of person to get shit-faced. I like to have fun dancing with my friends and I don’t feel like I need to be totally wasted to do that.

Have you ever done drugs?
Well, I grew up in LA and there were all these young celebrities, just on the brink of being really huge. I saw a lot of them turn to drugs and literally fall off the face of the earth. It scared me. I’ve been offered them before. My ex-boyfriend and I went to see Bloc Party and this guy was like, ‘Hey, do you want…’ I think he said ecstasy. No wait. Well, it was something pretty crazy. But Joel said, ‘No, are you serious, dude?’ and the guy got mad because he wouldn’t do it. 


Have you made up with Lindsay Lohan?
It’s so crazy. We’ve met and when we see each other we say hi. There’s been so much put up against us and so much of it isn’t true. We both dated Aaron Carter when we were like 13! It came out that ‘I stole him, then she stole him back.’

Paris, Nicole and Mischa are still doing it.
Well, everyone passes everyone around. I have a song on my record about that.

It’s just happened to you, hasn’t it?
It has?

Well, your ex-Joel is now dating Nicole Richie…
Oh. Well, it has, but I am so not a part of it. It seems like everyone is friends when it’s convenient and in front of a camera, then not the next day. Then they talk bad about her and slap each other at the club. It’s so crazy.

You still friends with Joel?
We email. I wouldn’t say we’re friends but things ended really great. I read that I called Nicole a skank, but I don’t even know her.

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