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Outback with…Francois Sagat

Ahhh…Francois Sagat. I have to say I don’t have many icons. There are people who I obsess over, sure, but few who truly make me think about what i am doing with my life. 

The fact that Francois can do fashion, porn, acting, quirky creative YouTube clips, gogo dancing and more has made me realise that I only have one life, I should make the most of it. Do EVERYTHING and have no regrets.

The first time we met, it was just supposed to be a phone call. I wasn’t giving up that easy. I decided to travel to Paris for the day to see him. We met at a cafe by Le Centre Pompidou and had coffee. He was a charmer. Clearly I wasn’t the only one who had the hots for him as I went to the bathroom afterwards and I’m pretty sure some guy was masturbating at the urinals.


What’s going on?
So, first, I’m a lazy boy. [Laughs]. I am still doing stuff, I am just very slow….

Haha…ok, well let’s start at the beginning. You started you career by interning at fashion magazines right? 
Carine Roitfeld from French Vogue - I did like two months with her. Was it like The Devil Wears Prada? Ahh…it’s not false. How do you say? It’s not wrong! Sorry my English. Yeah, the movie is very representative of that. Next I would like to do something for my company in the US for porn. Maybe bring something like fashion into porn.

Would you fuck with your own T shirt design on, maybe?
Why not? It would be good. 

I was going to talk about it later but how close are you with the other porn actors?
I have some friends in New York. Two porn actors. But basically my real friends are not in porn. I try not to be part of that because it’s always the same conversations. 

Like, ‘Who are you fucking this time’?
Yes. It’s not very deep actually. [Laughs] 


I thought you would all bond over the same things but a lot are messed up on drugs, no?
Yeah. But I did a lot of drugs too, before porn. Porn is always associated with drugs.

It seems like there are a lot of people who have lost their way.
I think I am not like this because maybe I’m French.

No, really because I am not in the American way of thinking. Being successful as…I don’t know. When you are American and doing gay porn in the US, it’s more like a career. When it was me and I was contacted by them, I had in my mind no success. I didn’t do porn to be famous, for the experience more.


Back to your early life. Did you always want to be a fashion stylist? Was it ever about writing or modelling?
Yeah. It was about being a stylist designer.

So not dressing people, it was about designing and drawing?
Drawing, yeah. Then it changed because when I saw Splash with Daryl Hannah, I couldn’t stop drawing mermaids. Then I just said, ‘OK, let’s put legs on them.’ It was always naked women, not guys. I don’t know why. Then I went to Paris to do fashion school at eighteen years old for three years. Then came the styling assisting. I was learning. Balenciaga. With Paco Rabanne. Mughler. Givenchy. It was nice.


What was the final straw?
Actually I was working with this guy from Switzerland who was like, ‘OK, we are going to do this, we are going to do this, we are going to do this.’ All promises. I was tired because I had heard many promises going to New York to do this publicity and get this money and it didn’t happen. Then I had a phonecall form his new assistant. [Laughs]. A girl. ‘Er…yeah, Francois. No it’s not happening…’

This was the job you wanted, right?
That was the job I had! I was replaced without even being aware of it. I was like ‘Yeah, yeah, OK.’ Then I was like ‘OK, that’s it.’ It was like that. [wipes hands]. 


You posted a video once of you taking steroids…
Yeah, I was so pissed off that they took it off. I wanted to keep it up on YouTube because I like this one. I don’t have a problem with it. Then I tried to put it on X Tube, because I guess it’s more for them but they didn’t want it either! There was no dick in the arse. But I don’t hide that I take steroids. I’ve been doing steroids for four years. I do the gym and I stop six months between cycles. So I have some problems with my skin sometimes. Like pimples. But everyone has a problem with speaking about this. I don’t have a problem. All my co-stars are like, ‘No, no, I don’t do steroids.’ But it’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah…’

Erik Rhodes must do…
Yeah but he is speaking about it also. He has no problem with it as well. I mean, it’s obvious that I did some. If you see some pictures or some videos of me three years ago when I was starting. There has been some evolution. Just look.


Let’s talk about something that is really boring – the tattoo…
Oh, oh! I have a tattoo? Haha…Which one?

The head.
It’s a huge problem right now. Do I regret it? Sometimes I do. Sometimes I think that people, when they look at me in the street, are trying to make me regret it. Even if they don’t know me they look at me strangely. I understand that. I would be like that I think.  But some people just stare and they continue. I’m like, ‘OK, stop now.’

Was it painful?
Oh yeah. Extremely painful. We did it in two sessions. We couldn’t do it all at once because it was too much for me, for the guy who was tattooing me. He was tired because it took so much time. We did six hours and four hours. The first four hours it was extremely painful with blood and everything. At the end I couldn’t feel anything. It was like I was outside of my body. It’s strange because it’s so intense. But I did it.


I can see. Do you think it has helped your modelling and porn career?
Oh yeah. I think it’s a big detail. Because I was thinking like if I was doing porn without this tattoo I wouldn’t have this career now. I would lose my personality. Maybe with this people think I am more crazy.

Does your Mum know about the porn?
Yeah. She doesn’t like it. I wouldn’t like that either if I had children.


What age did you realise you were gay?
Very young. Something like ten years old. I think I was bi-sexual when I was around ten or twelve because I also fell for women. I always loved beautiful women – admiring that beauty, the tits and all of it. Around twelve or thirteen I discovered I was gay.

A friend said to me recently that all gay men want to be a woman, if only for a day.
Yeah, I think when I was very very young I would like to be a woman. I think I had two ways to follow. Two extremes of being gay. I think I could have followed the feminine gays or because now I am playing with the image of masculinity. But I am not masculine like people think. All the people who see my movies all think I am like, [adopts deep voice] ‘Oh, yeah, yeah.’ And I’ve never been like this.


Were you ever asked to do things where you said, ‘No’?

They tried to make me be a fisting bottom. I refused because I think it’s disgusting. I tried but it’s a big turn-off. I did a weird thing where I was attached in a tree like a crucifixion with some gag balls in my mouth and a guy was peeing on me. I had a friend who saw me, he was very curious and he came on this scene. He was like, ‘I’m shocked. Francois, you disgust me.’

Don’t you like shocking people?
I don’t think it was shocking. I’ve seen so many horrible things on video that for me it was very soft. 


When you did this, were you thinking, ‘I’m doing this for the money’ or ‘I enjoy this’?
I was thinking of the performance. I was thinking of doing new stuff. Experimenting. I don’t do it in my private life. I am very boring. No, really. I think I am extremely boring.

A lot of people say to me that the sex dies as you get older. I tell them that that is unacceptable.
Yeah, yeah, the sex is very important. Between boys I think. Because we are animals. We are more animals than women. We are dick dick dick. I am not so much like this but I think we are all on different levels. Like dogs.


With your videos, what made you want to dress up as a clown and dance to Britney in a field?
I love this idea. It’s crap but I like shit like this. It’s very pop culture. It’s my generation.

Why did you go to a field?
Sometimes I find quite empty places but it’s sounds crazy. But I don’t think I’m crazy. Some people say it’s art, but I think, ‘Hey, come on, let’s see in 25 years.’

But some people say porn is art.
Yeah, but we have to find out. No?

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