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Here’s some of an interview we did with David Guetta. Only the good bits. it’s like a a David Guetta edit of a David Guetta interview. He would approve.

Hey David, you ok? So we reckon ‘When Love Takes Over’ sounds like Donna Summer.
I’ve not heard that before. My reference was more of a Whitney Houston idea. Urban but very pop, very happy…..

Plus you know, it’s a gay anthem in the making. Kelly has always been Beyonce’s underdog, and the gays do love an underdog…
Hahahahahaha…it’s interesting you say that because I think a lot of people feel Kelly never had the success she deserved as an independent artist. It’s probably because she was playing in the same field as Beyonce, who is so huge and such a big priority for everybody. Kelly needed to find her own direction. I think that’s what will happen right now. I’m really happy if I can help her just a little bit as she has helped me a lot. We’ve actually started to work on her new album together.

From working with Kelly, will you work with Beyonce next?
I know that Beyonce loves ‘When Love Takes Over’. Kelly played it to her and she said, ‘Oh, I’m so happy for you, that’s your direction, it’s so beautiful.’ I’m not trying to use anything or anybody to get anywhere. Honestly I am very happy with everything…

Kelly had recently left both her label and her management team. Did you feel pressure to help her deliver a hit?
Actually I think it was a good thing for me because she wanted to change everything. She was so open-minded to every idea I came with. Sometimes working with an artist of her calibre can be very difficult because when you get to that level you know what works for you, you don’t always want to take too many risks. She was totally open to experimenting with new things which is amazing for a producer.

What was like?
He is crazy. He is a crazy genius.

Is it true that he smacked Perez Hilton? [ reportedly hit Perez Hilton for dissing his band on his blog.]
Oh my God!!! I saw him last week and he told me the whole story. It’s so funny.

What did he say?
No, I cannot say. But it was a very funny story. 

One last question, what is your musical guilty pleasure?
Whitney Houston. I love all the old tracks like ‘Love Will Save The Day’ and ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’. Yeah, I’m a big Whitney Houston fan. 

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